Multimedia Designer by Profession , Project Leader by Vocation.

Hello I'm Ellie.

Multimedia Designer by Profession ,

Project Leader by Vocation.

About Me


Something  about me

I was born in Guadalajara, México, well known as the city of mariachi and tequila. My entire life I have lived in Mexico in different cities, the last one was Monterrey, but finally my dream came true and am living at Canberra right now.

My life

I’m the only child, no blood brothers or sisters, but fortunately with friends that are like my family.

Love to travel, 3 days after I have been born, my parents took me to the road. Since then I have been traveling, especially in Mexico, some trips to USA, and now my biggest trip, Australia.

I got an Entrepreneurial Spirit, for 7 years I had my own business,  still working as freelancer in a few projects. I love to surround my self with creative people who like to take the risk and do what are passionate about.

For some reason I have been always in love of Australia, so am very excited to be here, and can’t wait to take a trip on a camper to the coast.

Professional Life

Studied graphic design and graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana Torreon in 2006. Before I finished my studies started working in different small creative agencies, by 2004 decided to start my own business under the name IXTIUM, this is when I fell in love of my profession, and entrepreneurship.

At 2011 moved to Monterrey, and by 2012 started working at LIS Software solutions, as a marketing coordinator. At LIS  improved my self in many areas, specially on the event coordinator, just loved it, got the chance to organise an event for more than 100 people, for young entrepreneurs, and it was amazing.

By 2015 I wanted to improve my digital marketing experience, so took a chance in MKX Digital Demand Generation, and started as a Sub-coordinator of the Digital Publicity department, with a team of 4 people, and after 6 months  got an upgrade to Operations Management. Here I learned a lot about digital strategy, e-commerce, and most of all Project Management.

My Hobbies

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, and love to get new recipes from there and cook them.

I like to discover new music, can be from violin to rock, can listen almost every kind.

Can’t wait for the next game of thrones season, and very excited about the new x-files, the truth is out there.

A real fan of a good cup of coffee to see the sun rise, or a nice glass of wine to see the sunset.

I recently started biking, so far enjoyed a lot.

At Monterrey I stared running, and also a little bit o extreme sports, will try to continue both.

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